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Delegates Arrival & Registration9:00AM - 10:00AM

Exhibition Centre

Arrival, registration and breakfast with an opportunity to visit exhibition stands and meet employer brands.

Morning Plenary Session10:00AM - 11:00AM

Main Conference Hall

The opening plenary session will set the context for the day.

AI and The Future of Work11:00AM - 12:00NOON

Main Conference Hall

Our speaker will take us into the future of work powered by AI. This is an opportunity to gain knowledge about future careers and to assess your role in the future world of work.

Black Talent: Hiring & Retention11:00AM - 12:00NOON

Breakout Hall 1

Join us for an enlightening session led by one of the foremost experts in talent development as we delve into the critical topic of “Black Talent: Hiring and Retention Strategies.” In this dynamic talk, our esteemed speaker will navigate the complexities and opportunities of fostering a truly inclusive workplace environment.

Masterclass: Public Speaking11:00AM - 12:00NOON

Breakout Hall 2

Learn public speaking tips from a coach and peers in this 60-minute Masterclass. Craft, deliver, and practice your speech with confidence and impact.  

CV Review, Interview Prep, Careers Guidance, Mentorship Sign Up11:00AM - 12:00NOON

Breakout Hall 3

Do you want to boost your career prospects and get expert advice? Join this event and sign up for CV review, interview prep and careers guidance from seasoned professionals. Don’t miss this chance to grow your network and skills.

Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition11:00AM - 12:00NOON

Breakout Hall 4

Do you have a brilliant business idea or product? Join the Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition and present it to a panel of experts for a chance to win funding, feedback, and exposure. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your innovation and network with potential supporters.

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